The Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision (SEV) is committed to birthing the New Human consciousness and increasing awareness of our multidimensional selves.  It is our belief that many of us have come here to remember and feel the truth of our Star Missions and Cosmic Heritage.  We are light beings in a human incarnation, bringing forth unlimited Universal frequencies to stimulate and accelerate the Ascension process on Earth.We provide services that act like a tuning fork to resonate with the deeper higher self, enticing our cosmic blueprints to awaken, be felt and be known.  We bring the Light Echoes from beyond in order to experience and manifest our higher consciousness and the illuminated heart.  We all have a part to play as we allow our unique fractals of light to vibrate into action the mosaic of our destiny paths to know and live fifth dimensional realities.  This evolutionary shift is unprecedented in human history.  “The shift” will definitely rock our world, and so we, at SEV, have created a safe loving environment to stay centered, united and open, so that we might better incorporate and experience  these amazing transformational journeys.  Come join us!

At SEV, we are inspired by these beliefs:

  •   We are all one….separation is simply an illusion.
  •  Each one of us has the power to raise our consciousness and open our spiritual channels to feel our connection as a human species as well as our connection to our galactic community.

  • We can liberate ourselves from the Old Paradigm by transforming the old patterns of 3D thinking and feeling thus releasing the antiquated beliefs and external attachments that keep us unconscious, diminished and less powerful.  In doing this we will gain access to the true nature and healing power of the “Soul Self”.  

  •  Love is the purest path towards increasing our awareness, raising our frequency of consciousness and birthing the New Human.

  • Creating a resonating Community where the Higher Heart is present with love, respect, openness and transparent intention is a powerful technology for accelerating our experience of the Consciousness Revolution and this Renaissance of Spirit.

  •   As we emerge in the New Human paradigm we will be able to take our place in the cosmic universe, joining our galactic neighbors in revelation, celebration and love.                                   

“The only problem is staying with this higher/cosmic self realization.  The only solution is staying with this higher cosmic self realization."   ~ZaZar~