ZaZar is a 5th dimensional ET being offering life changing guidance and multidimensional teachings to enhance and illuminate the true nature of our mission on earth and in the cosmos. Marilyn Gewacke downloads, transmits and channels his profound wisdom and loving presence.  For Marilyn, this journey with ZaZar, has been awe inspiring, humbling and  and a bit mind blowing.  As she states, “There is no longer any doubt about our connection to our Star Family, our place in the Cosmos and the beautiful journey unfolding before us.  The Cosmic multidimensional universe is most magical, mystical, and seemingly incomprehensible, yet with the help of ZaZar and our own guides, we can begin to glimpse and touch this most magnificent world”.

A Message from ZaZar:

"Your Earth is experiencing an amazing Ascension process and as a result, appears to be in much turmoil and upheaval.  There are many here now from the multidimensional ET and Celestial realms who are assisting in this Human Transfiguration.   I have chosen to be on this mission with you,  facilitating this metamorphic journey and easing the path by offering a lighted hand and illuminated heart.  While most planets have gone through and continue to be on the trajectory of the Ascension path, the Earth's rising movement is hampered by the human species cemented attachment to the 3D plane and the darkness therein.  It is, therefore, an unprecedented event to behold, as She, your Earth, makes her way though the densities of these times and bursts into the light of creative movement towards Fifth Dimensional realities.   You have chosen to be here now as you are the "lighted ones" on Earth who have come to remember your own committed mission, opening the magnificent golden chambers of your own Source light to offer Service to all Earth Inhabitants.

Know who you are, open your portals to the guiding light of higher consciousness and let your heart sing the chorus of the cosmic spirit song. You are the Ones you have been searching for. We are the Ones who have come to offer you love, comfort and tranquil certainty as you birth your mission of Cosmic Awakening.

Love To You....To Light the World,"




Individual Sessions & Intensive Retreats

Individual sessions

ZaZar remarkably understands each persons soul history, incarnations and important timelines relevant to their current life and mission. As you sit with him, his higher vibrational frequency and 5th dimensional energy has a remarkable way of removing blocks and debris that may hamper your cosmic/soul actualization.  
Individual  sessions take place in person or through zoom and last approximately 90 minutes, facilitating enormous soul expansion, mission clarification and frequency upgrades.

Call Diane for more information @ 518 567 7315.

ZaZar Intensive Retreats

Marilyn and ZaZar are also offering  weekend retreats where gathering in a loving and resonant  community  intensifies and expedites the shift in heart awareness and higher consciousness.  ZaZar has an amazing ability to immediately bring us into magical and magnetic frequencies that catapult us into the fifth dimension and beyond. Through ZaZar’s guided meditations, didactic teachings and most importantly “experiential star technologies", our own portals and soul codes open for Ascension as we find our way back home to our extraordinary world within. His playful and compassionate presence brings a sense of peace and love to all who come.  These weekend journeys offer potent “rocket fuel” for taking flight into the invisible realms, where our Cosmic selves become apparent and our vision expands into the multiverse that surrounds us and is within us.

For more information, contact

Meditative Experiential Journeys with ZaZar

Every other Wednesday night ZaZar guides a group meditation, through Zoom, taking you on a journey home to your 5th dimensional and cosmic self.  His unconditional love and commitment to our Ascension is a true gift felt through these experiences.  No fee.


Contact Jen for the Zoom link at





From the first moment I heard Zazar’s voice and felt his all-knowing spirit, the authenticity and clear expansiveness of this beautiful Light Being touched my very soul. And now, over time he has become a most precious and personal guide/ teacher who offers me just what it takes to move into other realms by way of the heart, through true unconditional love, both his, and now mine as well. 



ZaZar….incredible warmth, wisdom and humor with not a hint of pretense.There was an immediate sense of being fully known,  understood and safe. As opposed to a “reading” with information bestowed, this was a sweet but no-nonsense conversation. It included quite astounding words from a passed loved one…so clearly their being and voice present. And even more powerful, were ZaZar's insights and guidance in matters of both everyday life and greater purpose. The experience was deep and moving, and at the same time so much fun. His disarming wisdom is still unfolding, in interesting ways, months later.  



ZaZar is such a beautiful way to get the answers we have been seeking for thousands of years, from 'What happens when we die?' to 'Why are we here?'."   What is your mission for this life of yours? If so, you're in the right place…..ZaZar helped me make sense of all of it.  I now know why I'm here!”   I feel so privileged to be able to learn from such a kind and knowledgeable being from beyond.   Thank you Marilyn, for being open and brave enough to bring such an enormous opportunity as ZaZar to us humans!  There are no words to describe the depth of growth I've experienced since knowing the both of you.  ~Jean~


I have been transformed by being in the gorgeous frequencies of ZaZar’s channeled wisdom and love. This loving community, the expanded light from the higher dimensions; all of these experiences are beyond anything I had known was possible. I say this with all my heart, in deep gratitude and love!



The whole session carried a vibration that is more than a Discussion. It was a healing, soul alignment and clarification through discussion with ZaZar. I love how he gets you to access your own consciousness to access answers within you, then goes onto explain further. The consciousness and vibration of the session is governed by where the receivers consciousness is at. As such the session is non-invasive and guides the person to elevation through the gates of his/her own soul consciousness. I needed clarification and answers. I received much more as the session worked as a strong healing through the vibrations of what was discussed. I felt areas of my consciousness healed through the discussion. The energy picture of where my energy picture was at, before and after the session, was completely different. As such my whole aura, consciousness vibration was uplifted to a beautiful place of peace, love and harmony.  



ZaZar has been a brilliant teacher for me and he has helped open my heart to the knowingness of who I really am. His words and frequency reach deep inside me. 

ZaZar's compassion and unconditional love permeate every cell of my being, creating a safe and open place to grow and understand myself. His commitment  to us,  to our planet and her Ascension is unparalleled.  

I made a promise to live inside myself, to know who I am and  to strive to be in my heartspace.  ZaZar has joined me on that journey, shown me new ways to be in my heart more fully and to remember all the wonder that is inside me.