Cosmic Classrooms

These mind-blowing cosmic classrooms are intimate conversations with ZaZar and the SEV community. The wisdom and high frequencies imparted are powerful accelerants for the Ascension practitioner. Put on your 'seat belt' as you find out about the truth of your multidimensional self and happenings in the cosmos. Information imparted about cosmic physics, soul matrix actualization and the shift taking place on Earth are unprecedented. Listen and be part of a new Fifth Dimensional community on Earth where love, respect and harmony abound. Join live events virtually or choose the recorded ZaZar transmissions channeled by Marilyn to listen at your own convenience. Sign up for our subscription plan and receive recordings of the 2-hour cosmic classrooms each month. There is also an option to bundle cosmic classroom and meditative journeys. Or, join virtually and be a part of live classroom events via Zoom, so check out the monthly schedule on the Events page.

Please note that these are live zoom sessions so some occasional background sounds are present. $25 per classroom.