Crystal Power Rods



Power rods bring crystal technology to a new level. Each rod contains a clear crystal quartz in the center surrounded by various crystal chips. The tubes are spiraled with coiled copper, which absorb high vibrations from the planet. The copper coils also conduct and amplify the energy of the crystals contained in the rods. This allows the essences of the particular crystals to move and dance with your energy field as you rise up and expand your light matrix.

Power rods fit perfectly in your hand and can support you while meditating. Or, place on the body for use in healing sessions. The durable nature of the rod and the rubber ends make it a power-packed travel companion, and you no longer have to worry about fragile crystals being damaged. Place the rod in your purse or pocket and feel its power wherever you go! Please note if you are ordering from outside the US,  additional shipping and handling will be added based on location.

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Rose quartz, Prehnite with epidote, Lapis, Black tourmaline, Clear Quartz and black Tourmaline, Citrine, Sodalite, Garnet, Amethyst