Letting Go To Open To Your Higher Ascending Self



This is a crucial time on Earth for us to let go of the blocks to our full soul expression and fifth dimensional selves. In this classroom ZaZar describes the mechanics of letting go of attachments to our identities, programs and personal dilemmas that keep us grounded in the third dimensional reality and its illusions. Through understanding the process of self transparency, releasing what no longer serves us and stepping with faith into the unknown we can rise into the realities of unity consciousness and discover solutions that only exist in the 5D.

When we let go with faith, leap out of our limits and travel to the unknown, we produce buoyant fuel that creates new vistas, new solutions and a world filled of love, joy and unity. This energy is far more potent than any “staying” in the problems of the 3D. Seeing the invisible becoming visible and being in the mission we promised before we came here, is the gift of letting go. We are here to become awake and aware of our soul’s light and beauty while in this incarnation. Accept this invitation and you will begin to find your wings and soar!