Opening to Crystal Wisdom

We are in a powerful potent time on Earth right now as we have the opportunity to open, awaken and remember the truth of why we are here. This is not an easy process and we all need support from people and tools offering a similar resonation on this journey. 
I have been working with crystals for many, many years. It is a huge passion of mine and I know personally the extraordinary gifts that come with connecting to crystal wisdom. The grounding, the joy, the protection, empowerment and calm (among other things) that is supported by crystal energy can be amazing fuel for all of us.  
What is so amazing is that crystals on the planet are being activated, amplified and awakened like never before to help us in our evolution. They beckon us to listen to the wisdom they hold, literally from being immersed and bathed in Earth energies for millions of years. The light codes that are held in their sacred geometric matrices are full of knowledge available to us at this time. How incredible is that!
Crystals support us more than ever before in finding our new center within. They teach us how to begin to open more deeply to sensations in our inner world, thus paving the way for more expanded experiences of ourselves. Because of their incredible solid structure, crystals emit steady, even energetic frequencies that help us feel for example, more grounded, more powerful, more joyful or more protected as we hold them.
Remember that everything …humans, plants, animals and crystals vibrate in a particular frequency. Working with crystals can attune us to the subtleties of their particular frequencies. 
I imagine some of you may feel like you don’t know how to begin listening the stones. One powerful way is to simply hold a crystal in your hand while sitting quietly and breathing deeply…acknowledge the crystal as a living being and ask for her wisdom to speak to you and dance with your energy and then be open to notice what sensations or insight arises. As you sit, feel your heartbeat, your breath, the sensations within …then begin to tune into the crystal in your hand…what do you notice? feelings, colors, sensations…trust the wisdom of what comes as a beacon to deeper synchronicities within. The wonderful thing about this “listening” and feeling is that whatever you tune into is showing up perfectly for what you need. It can however be helpful when you’re first getting to know crystals to know what some of their particular energetic properties are so you can start to “feel” them.
Ultimately know that the opportunity is ripe and amplified now to begin to feel the gifts these crystal “teachers” offer. Be curious and have fun, for the frequencies of curiosity and fun and listening create a flow within and a dance with the crystal. 
One crystal that I’ve found particularly amazing to work with during this time is fluorite. 
Fluorite is extremely potent in focusing the mind, transmuting  scattered thoughts or worries and coalescing them into clear, coherent ones.
Fluorite is also be a “psychic vacuum cleaner”…taking negative, anxious, limiting chaotic thoughts and energies and quieting them, elevating us into a higher inner states. It can help us be discerning and clear about what “thoughts” we want in our lives, quelling anxious ones which seems particularly powerful at a time when we are being bombarded with fear messages.
As the mind clears and quiets, there is more space for visioning and creativity to give rise to more focused and active manifestation of the goals in one’s life.
Fluorite often is multicolored, housing purples, greens, blues, pinks and yellows and the colors support the various chakras, For example, the green in your fluorite can support your heart in getting rid of limiting beliefs and opening to more flow, thus bringing into synch the mind, heart and spirit to beat together and create more harmonious action.
Stay tuned as I will be introducing you to more crystals in the coming months. For more information or questions about working with crystals or experiencing a crystal healing session, contact Jen at [email protected] or 518-339-0131.

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