Why Is Bodywork/Energy Work Important?

We are living in especially challenging and tumultuous times on Earth and yet so many of us are waking up to the truth of our own spiritual paths and inner light. Taking the time to pause and receive present, healing touch is truly a much needed gift to give the self. After all, we are spiritual beings housed in a human body and for many people, the body can be a hard place to navigate.

There truly is power in the “pause” to go within, breathe and follow the path of awareness that touch can offer, bringing attention to areas or the body desperately needing softening, soothing, opening, healing and presence. Simply bringing your compassionate and loving intention to a part of the body or chakra and joining with a skilled bodyworker/energy worker who brings laser focused light and healing frequencies from the quantum realm can be powerfully shifting, nurturing and aligning to this sacred temple that is our body and vehicle.

The experience of caring for the body in this way, not only is a key to staying balanced and healthy, but the very experience of going within can awakening remembrances and spark insights that go beyond the “body”, helping us integrate and understand more deeply our path.
Bodywork/energy work sessions are an integral tool to bring support, inner inspiration and fuel to our journey, especially during this time on Earth.

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