New Paradigms 5D Frequencies and Earth’s Ascension



This two hour classroom teaches about Earth’s specific trajectory of ascension exploring our predicament as global citizens in a global crisis. This crossroads requires us to realize that solutions no longer come from the old paradigm of fear and separation. Looking outside for solutions only leads to confusion about the truth. The global ascension journey is about the melting of old paradigms, helping us realize the new dawn is coming if we let the old slip away. One has to believe in a 5d frequency shift where solutions live for what ails our planet. A new birth is coming and we hold the answers by understanding the cosmic nature of things. It is time to let go and hold a higher frequency in our heart. Cosmically we are beginning to understand that we live in a neighborhood with other beings in the universe who have ascended. We must step out of our diminishment programs, connecting to source, to see our soul’s magnificence, opening our portals of light. When we feel our frequency fabric of beauty, we find solutions and miracles.

The last part of this classroom discusses rejuvenation remedies for light workers found in the higher vibrations of nature, crystals and essential oils. Enjoy the lively discussion among community members and bathe in hope and enlightenment!