Tools for Ascension



This classroom is a marvelous exploration of tools to increase the fabric of the 5d Self.  ZaZar begins by brilliantly explaining the frequency experience of these tools while he ushers in packets of high vibrational light for all participants and listeners. He carefully outlines the truth that utilizing these tools is a fifth dimensional frequency experience, creating a reality beyond the third dimension, sparking life changing openings and new circuitry.

The power of seeing one’s soul lit magnificence, being part of a 5D community, embracing the unknown and living transparently are discussed as invaluable tools for Ascension.

Listen with an open high heart, to a community of light workers stretch their fabric beyond ordinary living and ride the wave of magic into the unknown realms. We are all a part of the New Dawn by letting go of the old and expanding into the true potentiality of the evolved human on Earth! There is no time to waste as we move toward taking our place in the cosmic neighborhood!