What Is The Fifth Dimension?

Journeying in the Fifth Dimension is simply a matter of consciously experiencing the moment of NOW and the place of HERE … the highest frequencies that reverberate within you, gently waltzing with the Universal Law of Resonance. When experiencing the Fourth and Fifth dimensions, you do not travel to a new space or time but rather shift frequencies. All dimensions surround you and are within you. Your consciousness is the crucial aspect to dimensional travel, as your consciousness is your ‘signature frequency’. Only within this vibratory field are you able to begin to feel and experience other ‘signature frequencies’. As Consciousness increases its light quotient, it can begin to see and feel higher frequencies. The Fifth Dimension is a place where everything is frequency in the dance of the Universe and time is simply the totality of being this experience. Space and time becoming one in the All of Everything. The most stunning thing about the Fifth Dimension is that individual consciousness is never lost, all the while feeling the Pool of Infinite Oneness … beautiful and magnificent.

The Fifth Dimension is where the wholeness frequencies are the reality of being fully conscious. Unity Consciousness is finally felt in a chorus of frequency templates. That which has been experienced as a dualistic state, no longer exists. Higher frequencies of love, joy, peace, gratitude and grace are experienced by all. The very core of causal dualism is absent. You no longer have to feel hate to find love, or feel despair to find joy. You are fully enveloped by the frequencies of love and joy. When in those frequencies, anxiety, worry, fear and doubt are soothed right out of existence, as they have been held in the soft embrace of these higher vibratory states. The Paradigm of Resonation becomes the guiding and all-encompassing principle of vibratory transactions in the 5D.

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