What is Ascension?

Know that the process of Ascension is happening everywhere in the Multiverse. It is the movement of light seeking light, creating and expanding the All of Source. When Ascension occurs in the materialized planes (on planets and in the forms of beings), it is a process whereby materialization comes to know itself both as Source Spark and the unique design of Soul Inspiration. You might say it is the ‘calling home’ of the frequencies of light that are you. Your Universe is ever-expanding as a result of the Ascension process and you are part of the co-creation of this expansion. Take in this wonderful metaphoric vision for you. As Divine Source exhales its sacred design into every material manifested form that includes you, the All of Everything patiently waits for you to inhale this sparked magnificence, thus crystalizing your lighted consciousness into awareness while in form. In the domain of your free will, you can begin to exhale this celestial spark into the everything surrounding you. You see how the Beautiful Golden Figure 8 comes into action … you with Source breathing the expansive Ascended Frequency Templates … expanding the never-ending flow of co-creation. How amazing! How beautiful! How magnificent! You see, you are part of this Ascension process whereby you, by your very awareness of the truth of who you are, transforms and upgrades the light frequencies on your planet. At the level of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Dimension, Ascension is simply the metamorphic process by which the material world becomes permeated with Conscious Awakening, creating the buoyancy of lighter frequencies, thus escaping the gravitational pull of the denser planes. These creative manifestations potently dance towards Divine Source, enabling the expansive burgeoning breathing of the Golden Figure 8 into many divergent sacred Universes, ever spinning the Ascended Energies into infinity. You see how magnificent you are to be the light-breathing dancer in this spinning lighted Universe of yours … where your lighted soul matrix has birthed many lives, many times, many places? You are here, right now on this Earth plane, to know this and be this, and in so doing create the fuel for the Earth to join its Cosmic neighbors in Fifth Dimensional living. This will spawn and birth light for all generations to come in your Cosmic Galactic Home. Don’t you think its just a little bit exciting?

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