The most amazing transformational shift is happening on our planet, Earth. We have the extraordinary opportunity to discover ourselves anew and take the next step in our evolutionary journey towards conscious enlightenment. It is time that we shift our gaze inward to the unique configuration of who we really are and what we have come to do.  In order to awaken the cosmic spirit within, we first must learn how to tread softly in our inner domain so that we might learn to love ourselves with humility and grace. Until the “one†within is healed and loved, the world “without” will be void of the human species surviving and thriving. As we learn to truly love the self, we will be able to leave the old paradigms that have been harming, negative and dense and transition to a new age of loving and holding one another with compassion and grace.

Every human being houses a unique expression of divinity.  It is as if each individual human being is a fingerprint from the infinite hands of the Divine. Through the actualization of this sole (soul) expression, we unify ourselves in sacred holiness. The voice of the divine can be found in this inimitable unfolding process. In that irreplaceable manifestation of selfhood, we celebrate our connection to, and non-separation from, universal sacred truths.  In other words, being “in” and manifesting the unique truth of who we are individually, fuels that journey towards oneness and unity.

This New Human will understand unequivocally their responsibility to heal and nurture the planet. We can restore the natural habitat on our beautiful planet, so that all species can prosper and propagate on a fertile, prolific Earth. We will live in peace, harmony and love as a global community and begin to understand our place in the cosmic universe.   As we reclaim our sovereignty and accept our soul responsibility to evolve into the New Human, we will have the extraordinary opportunity to earn a sacred place in the cosmos and meet our star neighbors.  In the New Human paradigm, we will wake up, look up and rejoice in the fact that we finally understand that “we are not alone.†When the circuits of the old constructs have been blown apart because incoming information is incommensurable and disparate with what has already been known, new paradigms of perceiving and thinking are birthed.  This will be the case when disclosure of extraterrestrial presence takes place.  We will have no other choice than to experience humility and awe for the Universal Creative Design.  Feeling the oneness of all life will be foremost in our consciousness, as we embark on this journey of soul awakening.  As we become the “New Human,†we will enliven the cosmic heart and manifest “as above, so below.†The New Human Heart will know the path of the Divine and the New Human Mind will pave the golden path to come. This is the birthing of the New Human and the beginning of the new age of the Oneness of Being.

This is not an easy process, nor a path for the faint hearted! But, we can take solace in the fact we are all in this together and can assist each other along the way!

Dr. Marilyn Gewacke has given us just that assistance and guidance for the coming of this new era.  In her award-winning book, The Oneness of Being: Birthing the New Human, she outlines and guides us, step by step, into the process of evolving and birthing our new consciousness.  No one is exempt from this evolutionary time, and we are all called upon to take the most important journey of our lives and our planet! Come join the many who are breaking through to the new multidimensional paradigms of living and loving.

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