Energy Healing Sessions: The Power of Vibrational Frequency.

Our bodies are material in form yet we often forget the we are energy beings and everything in the Universe (and our bodies) vibrate at varying frequencies.

Our bodies are also 70-80% water. Anyone who has ever placed a glass of water on a large speaker, played music and watched the water “dance” with the vibrations knows the effect vibrations can have on water, thus our bodies.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s groundbreaking work showed what the sound frequencies of varying words did to water when it was frozen into its crystalline form. When words carrying more negative or dense vibrations like hate or negative self talk were introduced to water, the crystals formed were jagged and misshapen. Conversely, when words such as love and unity or classical music was introduced, the crystals formed were coherent, beautiful and perfectly formed. It follows that vibrational frequencies introduced into our bodies that are of a higher nature bring more coherence and healing into our body “temple”.

The energies we surround ourselves with, the people, the foods we eat, the sounds, the environment, even Earth living, can create more disharmony in our energy fields. Healing energy sessions work to bring more resonance and alignment to those frequencies that may be contributing to body imbalances.

Our body is wise beyond measure and innately wishes to move towards balance and healing. Introducing high frequencies in the form of healing touch, vibrational chakra tuning forks, crystals and crystal bowls invites the body to entrain with the more harmonized balanced vibrations. Just like a guitar string that’s plucked will cause a neighboring guitar string to vibrate with it, so to will the body “join” the high steady energetic vibrations of certain crystals, tuning forks, healing hands or crystal bowl to come into greater coherence and harmony.

All of the hands on massage and energy work is supported by the tools mentioned above. I intuitively create individualized crystal grids below the massage table in order to bring exactly the what crystalline energies are needed while on the massage table. The pure tones of the crystal bowls are designed to support and reinforce the shifts that have taken place during the session. Know that the healing continues to unfold long after the session is completed.

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