Messages from ZaZar

Ode to Earth—From the Star Beings Above

Oh Beauteous Earth… how we bow to your most wondrous journey. Your bold greens and blues…and lustrous hues of life and living breath. So diverse you are…sprouting life from the riches of your grounded soils, You shine bright to so many in the Cosmos yet seen by few who call Earth their home.

Many across the Cosmic expanse have come to see you, touch you and simply feel you. Ahh to see your spinning, swirling colored sphere from the recesses of space, just once, is to know the Divine Presence of Source. So amazing and wondrous to feel your graceful migration through space all the while your inhabitants feel total stillness in the space odyssey of planetary motion.

Oh Beautiful Celestial Being called Earth…you who possesses the most sacred femi-nine fire to birth life even in the midst of your own belly burning and shaking. You have withstood so much and yet have never given up on those that feed upon you. You provide a womb for birthing the richness of diverse animated life-forms…staying true to Source mission even when your peoples cannot see you, hear you or bear wit-ness to your incredible lands of fueled illuminated life force.

Know…You have helped raise shimmering hope and faith for many of your planetary brethren in the far reaches of this Universe. You are the creator, holder and healer of so much new life essence, sprouting the most infinitesimal and grandest imprints for material form to manifest and seed Universe.

Your steadfastness to remain vital and generative is a blueprint transported to many galaxies beyond so that other celestial planetary beings can once again rise up with the sustenance generated from your very Beingness.

Our gratitude overflows the riverbanks of Cosmic Heart swells. Know we are here to bear witness to You, to build the Sacred Figure 8 of Magnificent Reflection so that we may nurture you with the magnitude of our Cosmic Love.